Ninja Kitty (feraldelight) wrote,
Ninja Kitty


Words whispered in the dark, full of love and meaning become a complete farce in seconds. Hearing the same words shared with another makes one question every second spent believing. Trusting. Loving.
Who ever said 'words can never hurt me', has clearly never lived in someone else's lies.

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I am drunk and sad and should not reply to this right now because I'll probably say something I'll regret later. :/

That said...

Love is for suckers, most of the time. I like being one of those suckers, until I realize I'm a sucker and then I don't like it so much any more.

Ah well.

Words can hurt. Betrayal definitely hurts. Silence can hurt, too. Knowing that someone either doesn't care about how their words or actions make you feel, or (worse) when you suspect that they do or say something BECAUSE it'll hurt you... well. There's a special place in that hell I don't believe in, for them.


So true, all of those things. Seems he's intentionally posting things i don't want to see on FB. I've unfollowed him, but now he posts on mutual friends' posts. I won't unfollow all my friends because he is a childish douche. He completely ignores me, even if im part of the initial conversation he's replying to. I wonder if they understand how painful the silence is. Men suck. :/