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Morning thoughts

So it's an early Wednesday, as any Wednesday starts I guess. Not sleeping as much as I should be but it feels okay. I like being up waiting for the sun to rise. The birds love the routine, everyone gets started. The window is still cold to the touch, but the sun is trying to break through. My hands are hot from my mug. It's Tea today. Strawberry. The music starts up on my machine, my voice feels a little scratchy and dry. I sing along anyway. Open the window to let the cold air blow in. It smells so crisp and free. That's how my mornings make me feel, free. I really could do anything today. Sounds from the outside world whisper through the mesh. It feels like the wind is calling me out to play. A dog barks and breaks the silence like ice cracking. The cars rush by, people chatting, leaving for work. The noise of lives starting to hum. The day has begun. What shall we be today?

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